SIC was founded by Trevor Combs, MID with a purpose of applying technology to product development and business operations to achieve new levels of quality, efficiency, profitability and corporate agility. Educated in design at Pratt Institute, Trevor brought the same philosophy that created tailfins on GM cars, OXO Goodgrips kitchen tools and the Swatch watch to the mountain bike industry. His patented innovations were adopted by major manufacturers such as RockShox, ridden and raced to victory in World Cup and Red Bull Rampage events by the Cannondale and Iron Horse Bicycles teams, and individuals dedicated to extreme sports worldwide. Trevor has been awarded patents by the US Patent Office for audio equipment as well as bicycle components. 

A family-owned enterprise, Super Innovative Concepts brings innovation to business operations, facilities and education for exponential efficiencies in scale, productivity and efficacy to maintain cash-flow, maximize profits and stimulate managed growth. SIC Energy Services is led by Ed Combs, Trevor’s father and former IBM executive. Ed’s tenure in executive selling, product development and launch, business growth and education management enable him to apply technology-based solutions to a variety of markets. Ed identifies high-impact products and with years of experience, integrates technologies that help companies maintain a bottom line that supports growth, from startup to exit. Ed’s solutions have helped challenged students excel, satisfied stakeholders, mobilize sustainability initiatives and businesses provide the gold standard of training he enjoyed at IBM as a manager executive with regional and global responsibilities.