Most businesses have the same concern, how will they hit their business growth goals?  The number one reason they may not, is lack of a full sales pipeline. SIC’s partner, Abstrakt’s Marketing fills your with 90 guaranteed appointments with your targeted customers at a fraction of the cost of an in-house operation. Abstrakt’s Pipeline B2B lead generation solutions solve that problem by keying in on five main goals; Client Target Market, Research, Awareness, Consideration, and Intent. Your appointment is set with the individuals that you target. Closing the business is up to you.


For small businesses without professional sales expertise, SIC can help. We can handle the entire sales function or help with specific sales tasks. Our marketing partners  can provide complete inbound/outbound programs


While small business is the hotbed of innovation and main source of new jobs in the economy, they often need help with key parts of their business operation and developing a business plan tops the list. The plan is essential to obtaining financing and loans and operating a profitable business, but is often poorly done. Many companies have outside consultants develop their plan which quickly become stale and useless so they bear no relationship to the actual business. This contributes to a high failure rate for small business.

Experienced SIC executives have identified LivePlan as an easy to use tool to develop a business plan and update that plan to guide that business. SIC works with small businesses to help them develop and update their business plan. The businesses end up with a plan that they have developed and the skills necessary to track results and make adjustments. The plan is professional and complete with financials and a presentation ready for the bank or investors.

SIC offers structured , periodic business performance reviews which drive adjustments to the plan

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