Impact bottom line profits with a custom, Net Zero strategy from SIC Energy Services, without money budgeted, at no upfront cost and in some situations no additional cost. Electricity represents a big chunk (20% of an average company’s expenses) and we cut that in half! Our multidisciplinary strategy begins with leveraging immediate savings and for positive cash flow via LED retrofit. The relatively quick ROI can make bigger-ticket HVAC and controls upgrades and shorten the payback for renewable energy alternatives such as geothermal and solar. In short-100% financing begets 50% reduction in total energy costs, using dollars you’ve been paying monthly for utilities.

Let SIC Energy Services and our network partners coordinate an entire efficiency solution for your facilities, with a nominal investment of time by you or your staff. We’ll begin with a free energy audits, weighing your existing lighting against your annual electric bills to quantify your savings and show you how much it is costing you to do nothing. Our financial analysis includes options for “pay-on-bill” and/or100% financing. We’ll process all available rebates, which you can receive in cash form or applied to the terms of your financing.


LED lighting retrofits

Get the benefits of LED lighting, without buying new fixtures. LED is better quality of light, lasts for years and uses way less electricity than all other technologies. 100% financing gets your upgraded lighting installed with no upfront cost or increase in your monthly bill. LED increases productivity and promotes wellness in workers. LED lights increase visibility and retail sales, as well as quality in production. Without LED, you’re paying too much for inferior light!

Sound too good to be true? Schedule a free energy audit now and we’ll show you exactly what we can replace to cut your utility bills in half or more. You’ll get a detailed analysis, annual savings quantified and options for 40-70% rebates on select equipment. Our experts can help you improve safety, security and ways to lighten the load on your HVAC system for even greater savings.

Energy efficiency solutions provide a more comfortable work environment, positively impacting employees, customers and your work product. With current incentives for commercial customers, there’s absolutely no reason to delay. You don’t need room in the budget, just a few months’ utility bills and a desire to reduce operating costs while contributing to a sustainable future. We handle everything, so your staff remains focused on their ordinary tasks. It’s actually costing you more to do nothing at all.

Daylight Harvesting System

Daylight sensors modulate dimming automatically. Use just enough wattage to achieve desired lighting levels at all times.



LED vs. Fluorescent tubes

LED uses 50% less electricity than Fluorescent lighting!




Automated and Smart controls

Don’t count on people to remember- automate lighting for 80%+ savings. Minimize consumption during peak billing hours as well.





Global switch to LED lighting

Economic and environmental reasons for widespread adoption of LED lighting

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