Project Based Learning Model

SIC has deep experience creating and operating schools for grades 6-12.  Our unique project based model has been effective with both charter and alternative populations. We will work with your team to create a school that meets your objectives. We help generate support among your stakeholders, develop the appropriate design and write the proposal. We help create the business plan and operating procedures. And, we help train your staff.

Microsoft Office User (MOUS) Certification

SIC partners with Jasperactive to provide your employees training and certification in Microsoft applications. Jasperactive uses a 5-step, prescriptive learning pathway: Benchmark, Learn, Practice, Create and Validate. Mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Learning Standard, students learn Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Access, then successfully pass practice exams as proof. Upon completion of the course, students are ready for the certification exam, which assures proficiency in essential applications.

Training Solutions

When attitudes and behavior matters, WILL Interactive Immersive Experience Immersive Learning Simulations are the solution to an organization’s training challenges. WILL’s patented methodology has been used to create over 120 training programs for major organizations in the country, and the effectiveness of these programs has been validated by 7 independent research studies. The programs have received over 90 awards.

WILL’s library includes training in harassment and sexual harassment and unconscious bias as well as Active Threat Response. The library also includes industry specific training for healthcare, government and schools.

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