Super Innovative Concepts helps you plan, fund, and grow your business by thinking through every aspect of your business — so you’re twice as likely to succeed.

While small businesses are the hotbed of innovation and main source of new jobs in the economy, they often need help with key parts of their business operation and developing a business plan tops the list.

The plan is essential to obtaining financing, loans and operating a profitable business. Too often this is poorly done.  Many companies have outside consultants develop their plan, which often quickly becomes stale and useless and bear no relationship to the actual business. This contributes to a high failure rate for small business.

Experienced SIC executives have identified LivePlan, a product of Palo Alto software, developers of leading business planning software, as an easy to use tool to develop a business plan and update that plan to guide that business by breaking the process into simple steps..

SIC works with small businesses to help them develop and update their business plan. The businesses end up with a plan that they have developed and the skills necessary to track results and make adjustments. SIC offers structured, periodic business performance reviews which drive adjustments to the plan

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